Beard Balm- 60 g

Beard Balm- 60 g

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Our fabulous smelling balm gives you a nourishing and longer-lasting moisture. This is also what gives your beard some extra shine while keeping it healthy.

It's superior function is having just enough hold to comb down stubborn beard hairs and fly-aways that go against your beard's shape and grooming goals. It can also be used as a low-hold styling agent for your mustache and sideburns for a bit more finish around the edges.

All natural, no parabens or sulfates. Made in Canada.


Vanni: A light sensual, warm vanilla &  tobacco scent.

Havana: Think top shelf cognac & subtle musk of a fresh cuban cigar.

Lakshmi: A mesmerizing natural sandalwood fragrance.

Ceylon: A faded coconut aroma.

Natural: unscented.